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Benefits and Importance of Hadoop – Big Data Platform

Hadoop is an open source platform that provides excellent data management provision. It is a framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It is designed to expand from single servers to thousands of machines, each providing computation and storage.  Its distributed file system facilitates rapid data transfer rates among nodes and allows the system to continue operating uninterrupted in case of a node failure, which minimizes the risk of catastrophic system failure, even if a significant number of nodes become out of action. Hadoop is very valuable for large scale businesses basing on its proven benefits for enterprises given below:

Advantages for Enterprises:

hadoop_big data

  • Hadoop provides a cost effective storage solution for business.
  • It facilitates businesses to easily access new data sources and tap into different types of data to produce value from that data.
  • It is a highly scalable storage platform.
  • Unique storage method of Hadoop is based on a distributed file system that basically ‘maps’ data wherever it is located on a cluster. The tools for data processing are often on the same servers where the data is located, resulting in much faster data processing.
  • Hadoop is now widely used across industries, including finance, media and entertainment, government, healthcare, information services, retail, and other industries
  • Hadoop is fault tolerance. When data is sent to an individual node, that data is also replicated to other nodes in the cluster, which means that in the event of failure, there is another copy available for use.
  • Hadoop is more than just a faster, cheaper database and analytics tool. It is designed as a scale-out architecture that can affordably store all of a company’s data for later use.

History of Hadoop:

Hadoop was created back in 2005 by computer scientists Doug Reed Cutting and Mike Cafarella. Hadoop was named by Doug after his son’s stuffed toy elephant and is now being managed by Apache Software Foundation. In 2006 Dough joined Yahoo! which dedicated a team to develop Hadoop.

Demand for Hadoop:

Low cost implementation of hadoop platform is attracting the companies to adopt this technology more conveniently. As per a report by Allied Market Research, The market for Hadoop is projected to rise from a $1.5 billion in 2012 to an estimated $16.1 billion by 2020. Significantly noted, the data management industry has expanded from software and web into retail, hospitals, government, etc. This creates a huge demand for scalable and cost effective platforms of data storage like Hadoop. Let us take a look at how Hadoop helps in providing excellent analytics services.

All business Data Captured and stored Successfully:


The enterprises and organizations estimated that they use and analyze less volume of info and most amount of it goes wasted. The reason being the organizations lack the analytics capabilities. It is a bad practice to term the data as unwanted as any part of data can be put to good use by the organization.

So, it is necessary to collect and keep all the data in well manner. With its capabilities of handling large volume of data, Hadoop helped the companies to store and analyze the high volume of data successfully.

Hadoop makes data sharing with its high sharing Ability:

The organizations use big data to improve the functionality of each and every business unit. This includes research, design, development, marketing, advertising, sales and customer handling. Sharing is difficult for to share across different platforms. Hadoop is used to create a pond. It is a repository of various sources of data, intrinsic or extrinsic sources of data.

Continuity and Stability:

It is generated continuously. Be it your social media presence, mobile platforms and other related services. These activities generate data on each second and the volume of it is huge. The solutions need to be scaled quickly and in a cost effective and secure manner.

Hadoop supports Advanced Analytics:

As compared to the traditional tool, Hadoop provides more accurate facts and figures. Hadoop supports advanced features like data visualization and predictive analytics in order to provide and represent the useful insights in a best graphical manner. It can help to optimize the performance using a single server and handle huge volume of information.

Hadoop is considered affordable for both enterprise and small business which makes it an attractive solution with endless potential. With the passage of time, companies and enterprises are getting closer to Hadoop. They are moving to implement big data to support the marketing and other efforts and resources.

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