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Hadoop Solutions – Benefits for Your Business

A good data management is necessary to get more values from your business data, but if the data is too large it could be difficult task for an organization to process and get required results in order take more productive and proficient decisions. Hadoop enables businesses to quickly gain insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It makes it potential to run applications on systems with thousands of nodes involving thousands of terabytes. Distributed file system of Hadoop facilitates speedy data transfer rates among nodes and permits the system to continue operating uninterrupted while a node becomes useless or failures.

Big data have big value if it is processed and analyzed in a well defined way. You can go on the right way with Hadoop solutions. Mentioned earlier, it is a reliable, authenticated Java-based software programming framework that supports the processing of data with high volume, velocity and variety in a distributed computing environment. The resilience of this Java-based software programming framework makes it more reliable for companies, it is designed for scaling up from a single server to a large number of machines, with the aptitude to find out and handle failures at the application layer itself. Large scale companies use it largely for applications involving advertising and search engines.

As a big data management platform Hadoop solution is very important for business getting a large amount of data. It is a game changer for enterprises, transforming the economics of big data analytics. It gives the businesses more holistic view of their customers and operations, leading to quicker and more effective business insights. Some of the key benefits that Hadoop Solutions offer to businesses are given below:

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Hadoop is flexible in nature. This is a modular framework. The users can change almost any of its components for a different software tool. This makes the architecture flexible, strong, and efficient for higher and more valuable results. Its flexibility also concerns the way it handles all types of data (structured or unstructured, images, log files, audio files, and email records, among other file types) from disparate systems.
  • With Hadoop solution data storage is not a problem for a business. If users are constrained by costs, they have to skim through the data pool only for the important data. But with the help of Hadoop platform, business can now afford to store data that was not considered viable due to such type of restraints. This happens because Hadoop can be positioned on industry-standard servers rather than costly, specially-designed data storage systems.
  • Hadoop is a cost effective and economical solution for data storage and processing for the required results. This Java-based software programming framework brings extensive, parallel computing together with commodity servers, enabling a significant reduction in the cost per terabyte of storage. It also rules out dependence on expensive, proprietary hardware and the need to maintain different systems to store and process data.
  • Hadoop is fault tolerant, which offers great satisfaction. The system is designed to be robust; it continues unabated despite the breakdown of a node. In case of such a breakdown, it simply redirects work to another data location. This means users do not lose data in the process.
  • New nodes can be added as per the user’s requirement. This addition does not, in any way, change the pre-existing data formats, loading of data, and other such functions. So, this is more flexible option for data management and exploration.
  • Unique storage method of Hadoop is based on a distributed file system that basically ‘maps’ data wherever it is located in a cluster. The tools for data processing are often on the same servers where the data is located, resulting in much faster data processing. It is able to efficiently process terabytes of data in just minutes, and petabytes in hours.

Hadoop Solutions offer great value to enterprises. A reliable and trustworthy Hadoop Solution Provider Company can help your enterprise for data handling and data management for betterment. If you want big data and Hadoop consultancy then most experienced Infinity Consulting is here to provide you big data and Hadoop consultancy services. Infinity Consulting UK comes with a highly qualified and experienced team of professional worked with giants such IBM, Google, Yahoo and others. Our company delivers you the exact solution with the right technologies for your large volume business data processing to put a handsome potential in your decisions for business growth.

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