Infinity Consulting

offshore work model

The possible offshore solution models we offer; are the following:


  1. Client has a specific set of requirements, which are understood by our front office team. These requirements are handed over to the back office delivery team. The team gives the estimation of efforts along with the delivery timelines. As per the agreement between the client and the organization, the back office team starts work on the project, and delivers systems as per the timeline and schedules. This is a cost effective model and ensures quick team engagement time. Our organization is responsible for the delivery of the systems, as per its scope and timelines.
  2. Client is in need of a cost effective solution for the delivery of a variable set of requirements, which may include back office support services, a new product or solution development. The client may seek a complete team structure in the back office, which might include but is not limited to Project Managers, Technical Consultants, Business Analysts, Testing Engineers, Software Engineers and Technical Writers. Our management consultants discuss the clients’ flow of requirements, nature of work, minimum resource requirements at a time, frequency and inflow of tasks and activities. A complete back office team structure is proposed to the client. The entire back office team will be engaged with the client, and they will work in close coordination with the client’s organization.
  3. Client is in need of a cost effective solution, for the delivery of variable requirements, like new product development, back office support services or solution development. They are looking for back office support for a specific position or role like software development services, or the Testing / QA services. Our organization will provide the required team to the client organization, which will ensure efficient work in close coordination with the client’s organization.

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