Big Data

Enterprises and organizations have realized the great importance of Big Data, and they are actively initiating new Big Data projects and programs to derive benefit from them. In spite of the critical importance of these projects, the challenge for the organization is to find the right skills set, which will help in the implementation and analysis of the trends in the data.

We realize the importance of such skill sets, and thus work to support the implementation of Big Data by providing the strong Big Data technical capabilities through our specialized division. We are currently aggressively investing in our Big Data division capabilities. We thoroughly understand the critical importance of Big Data initiatives, and have thus decided not to compromise on the quality of our Big Data project teams.

We offer consultancy assistance and comprehensive services in a broad range of Big Data technologies. We have the capability to implement the solutions and deliver the projects using our Big Data architects, developers, analysts and consultants, who possess the following skills set:

  • Hadoop
  • Big Data architecture
  • Scala
  • Impala
  • Big Data Analytics & Scientists
  • Splunk
  • Hive
  • Spark
  • SAS Programmer
  • Java Developer

Embedded C

Embedded C projects require a very strong technical skill set, in-depth understanding of systems and programming concepts, along with past experience of having implemented similar projects. Teams that work under the Embedded C division are experienced with a track record of always delivering remarkable technical solutions on a global level. The team members, who work under this division, have the required experience to work for organizations like IBM, CISCO and HP etc.

We work closely with our clients to design, develop and deliver the required solutions. Our team can be engaged at different stages of system development as per the client’s needs. We offer flexibility in the engagement model to work for the delivery of the required solutions. Our organization can work as the project implementer of your choice, when it comes to the following sophisticated technologies:

  • Linux Kernel programming
  • Multithreaded and multiprocessor programming
  • Network programming
  • Device driver programming
  • Linux 2.6.21, Linux 2.6.27 knowledge
  • JFFS2 and UBIFS file systems
  • C, C++ programming
  • XML, Document Object Model (DOM), XSLT, XPATH
  • TR-69 (Network Management Protocol)
  • Design and development Enterprise Security Gateways using Control plane (NetBSD) and Data Plane (OSE) architecture
  • Enhancing the performance of Packet Processing in Linux by scheduling tasklets and using Soft IRQs.
  • Operating Systems Linux 2.4, 2.6, NetBSD, Embedded OS (OSE)
  • Device Drivers SPI, LED, I2C, MTD (NAND)
  • Linux Kernel – Linux Tracing Toolkit (LTT), Linux Performance Enhancement, Linux Scheduling, Memory Management, NETWORK STACK Architecture.
  • IPC Mechanisms – Socket Communication, Shared Memory, Pipes, Message Queues.
  • Lock Mechanisms – Spin lock, Read/Write lock.
  • Synchronization Technique – Mutex, Semaphore. TASKLET Scheduling Technique. TIMER Callbacks. POSIX Threads. EPoll Mechanisms, Process Stack Analysis (GDB, KGDB)
  • Hardware: CN1010 (Cavium Processor), PowerPC
  • Process and tools: Ethereal, GDB, KGDB, GPROF, OPROF
  • Scripting: Perl, Shell Scripts
  • Authentication Alg: MD5, SHA1
  • Security Protocols: ESP, AH
  • Network RFC’s: IPSec – 4301, VRRP – 3768, IKEv1 – 4109, IKEv2 – 4306

mobile Development

The growing market of mobile devices and different functionality advancements, have encouraged organizations to start offering their services and solutions through mobile channels, to achieve better efficiencies and levels of cost effectiveness.

Delivering sophisticated business processes through mobile channels is a complex procedure. Our organization covers a broad spectrum of mobile development offerings, which range from process redesigning, mapping business solutions to mobile based automation, designing responsive sites, to native mobile apps development etc. our capabilities include our potential to provide mobile based solutions using the following technologies:

  • HTML 5- Responsive Design & Development work
  • iOS development
  • Android Development
  • Objective C
  • C++
  • C Sharp
  • MS Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Java
  • Xcode
  • Angular.js
  • Hybrid Mobile Developer

Application Development

In spite of the presence of automated products and solutions, custom applications development has emerged as the current need of organizations, to easily customize their existing solutions. These applications help to build a completely new system from scratch, according to their customers’ needs.

It is very important to comprehend the client’s requirements and expectations, within their own unique expressions and terminologies. In this regard, we believe that custom applications development requires a team of experienced professionals, who can understand the client’s needs and fathom the different domain concepts.

Consultants need to analyze the different requirements and also document them. They also need to propose different possibilities to enhance the processes and delivery solution, if the client is available and readily open for any suggestions.

Instead of having a core technical team to communicate the project details with the business users of the client, the experts who possess technical as well as business process and service reengineering knowledge, should remain completely involved with the project at all times. This will help to reduce the risks of any gaps between the business and technical communications, which may present some problems in the custom delivery solutions.

We have the capability to deliver complete bespoke solutions to address the specific client problem efficiently. Along with the sound capability to build custom application development, we can be engaged to design and implement the business intelligence solutions, workflow automation solutions, MIS systems, document management and the supply of a 24/7 technical support service. The offerings and technologies that we offer; include the following:

  • .Net Development
  • Java Development
  • Bespoke Application development
  • BI Application development
  • MS SharePoint based development and consultancy
  • MS EPM based solution
  • Integration solutions
  • Office 365 based development
  • UI/Graphics Designing work
  • Testing & QA services
  • Technical Writing experts
  • Databases ( MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL )

Project Management

The implementation of technology solutions requires strong project and program management expertise, for the timely delivery of the committed scope of work. Poor project and program management may result in the complete failure of technology investments. Organizations may at times require independent and professional, project and program management expertise, to drive their key IT initiatives.

We understand the importance of a project and program management team’s qualifications, skills and expertise. The selection of project and program management team members involves considerations like, past experience of delivering projects in diverse industries and technologies, along with the suitable relevant qualifications and certifications. We have the capability to handle projects and programs from different industries that might involve diverse technologies of variable magnitude, and varying time spans. Our experts can be engaged for managing projects in different industries, for any short or long term time durations, as per the project requirements.   For the management of large and complex programs, we offer mega program management consultancy services. We are fully capable to offer the following services to our client organizations:

  • Technology Project Management
  • Management of projects and technical implementations (both short & long term)
  • Engagement management
  • Managing Major/Mega Programmes
  • Projects Health Checks and Independent Analysis
  • Agile Project Management
  • Stakeholders Management
  • Project Documentations
  • Project Scope Management &Requirement Analysis
  • Delivery Management
  • Deployment Management
  • Resources Management
  • Managing Offshore and Onshore Development work
  • Project Tracking, Scheduling and efforts estimations
  • Managing operations

Dynamic CRM

Customers are key to the success of a business and enterprise. Organizations are investing to acquire customers, build relationships, retain and satisfy them, by the implementation of off the shelf products, in the CRM technologies. We believe that the output and the returns on investments are hard to achieve, with only the purchase of the right tools. The factors for success also depend on how effectively these products are utilized to design, develop and present new solutions, by leveraging the maximum advantage from the product features. At the same time, it is also assessed how completely the offered solutions are in compliance with the organization sales, marketing and customer service practices, and produce better returns on investments.

We strongly believe on the maximum utilization of capabilities and functionalities that are offered by off the shelf CRM products. Additionally, the consultancy on the design and development of CRM based solutions, must consider the existing sales and customer relationship practices of the organization. These factors can enhance the utilization and adaptability of the CRM implementations, which in turn results in better acquisitions, retentions and services of customers.

We can engage with our client organizations through multi-working models to enhance productivity, and reduce costs for project implementations. We have the capability to engage an offshore development team which can design and develop new solutions, and submit them on the cloud environment. For the successful execution and deployment of projects, MS CRM and sales force teams can be positioned onsite to work in close coordination with the client organizations. We offer the following skills set to our clients:

  • Sales force (SFDC)
  • Sales force Technical Consultants
  • Sales force Functional Experts
  • SalesForce Administrators
  • SalesForce Technical Architect
  • SalesForce Developers
  • SalesForce SFDC Analyst
  • SalesForce SFDC Project Manager
  • Apex Code
  • Custom Objects
  • Workflow Rules
  • Visual Force Pages
  • Validation Rules implementations
  • MI & Reporting Management
  • Microsoft CRM Functional Consultants
  • Microsoft CRM Technical Architects
  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM Developer
  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM Solution Architect

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