Consultant_GeneralTechnology Consultant

Mr. A Vairavan

Mr. A Vairavan is an experienced Technology Consultant. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and also enrolled in MBA in Product Management. He has around 10 years of professional job experience. He possesses good experience in Linux Kernel Programming, designing/developing modules and frameworks for Network and Storage Products (Router/Firewall/Femto cells/Storage Server) in Linux on a Multi-Threading and Multi-Processor environment. His expertise includes but not limited to the following:


  • Performance driven Software Development methodology using GPROF and GCOV.
  • Debugged TCP/IP kernel modules.
  • Linux Kernel and Device Driver programming.
  • Good Knowledge on Linux 2.6.21 builds architecture. Worked on the migration from 2.6.21 to 2.6.27.
  • Deep understanding of JFFS2 and UBIFS file system.
  • Fluent in C, C++ programming.
  • Adequate experience in XML, Document Object Model (DOM), XSLT, XPATH.
  • Good understanding of TR-69 (Network Management protocol).
  • Experience in designing and developing Enterprise Security Gateways using Control plane (NetBSD) and Data Plane (OSE) architecture.
  • Experience in enhancing the Performance of Packet Processing in Linux by scheduling tasklets and using Soft IRQs.

technology-architectTechnology Architect

Mr. M Kanala

Mr. M Kanala is an experienced Technology Architect. Before joining Infinity Consulting Limited UK, he worked on different job positions for Organizations like Hewlett-Packard (HP) Singapore, Broadcom Research Private Ltd ( Indian subsidiary of Broadcom Corporation, USA ), Tata Consulting Services, India. He completed his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) with Computer Engineering as area of specialization at National University of Singapore and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) with distinction in Computer Science and Information Technology from JNTU, Hyderabad. He has 9+ years of global work experience in Networking Industry. He worked with EU and APAC Clients. He also worked in Italy, China, USA and Singapore. He possesses strong knowledge on Networking protocols, Virtualization, Overlay Networks, Traffic Engineering, QOS, Data Center products and Network Management Systems (NMS). His expertise includes but not limited to the following:


  • Networking Domain
    • STP(IEEE 802.1D) ,MSTP(IEEE 802.1S), RSTP(IEEE 802.1W)
    • VLAN(IEEE 802.1Q),Link Aggregation/LACP(IEEE 802.3AD)
    • IGMP Snooping, Port Mirroring, FDB, MFDB
    • TRILL,IS-IS, Policy Based Routing, VXLAN, vCenter, vSphere
    • Access Control Lists(ACL), DiffServ, Class of Service
    • Rate Limiting, Policing, Shaping, Queue/Buffer Management.
    • CLI, SNMP
    • Test tools: IXIA, Spirent
  • Software Development Expertise
    • Languages: C, ASN.1 (SNMP MIBS)
    • OS : Embedded RTOS- Linux, VXWORKS, INTEGRITY
    • Debuggers: GHS debugger, GDB
    • Tools: vSphere, vCenter, GNU cscope, Visual Slick Edit, Multi IDE

functional-consultantConsultant-Banking & Capital Market

Mr. M Reddy

Mr. M Reddy is an experienced Consultant and domain expert of Banking and Capital market. He completed his BTech qualification and secured First class with distinction. He is Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 1.4) and Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD 5.0). He has 8+ years of work experience in Software Development. He has 7 years of experience on Banking & Capital Market domain. He received appreciation from the client American Express for the successful launch of the Acropedia (Acronym Phase-2) project. Also received Kudos from the Vice-president, Cognizant, Hyderabad. He possesses good exposure to stock trading, mutual fund, bond concepts, portfolio management concepts and asset class concepts etc. His knowledge and skills includes but not limited to the following:

  • Experience on JAVA, J2EE Technologies JDBC, Servlets, JSP.
  • Experience on Struts 1.1, 2.0 and Spring 2.0 MVC Frameworks.
  • Experience on Spring 2.0 Core, JDBC modules.
  • Experience on SOAP & RESTFul webservices.
  • Experience on UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Experience on designing using RSM (Rational Software Module).
  • Expertise in Development of n-tier architecture using Object Oriented Technologies.
  • Expertise in implementing Business Rules using JBoss Drools engine.
  • Expertise with Tomcat 5.0 Web Server.
  • Expertise with BEA Weblogic & IBM WebSphere 7.0 Application Servers.
  • Expertise in writing JUnit Test cases and debugging.
  • Good Knowledge on Java 1.7 & 1.8.
  • Good Knowledge on Distributed technologies like RMI, and EJB 2.1.

infrastructure-consultantInfrastructure Consultant

Mr. P Karella

Mr. P Karella is an experienced System Administrator and Infrastructure Consultant. He completed his BTech (Engineering) in Computer Science and Polytech Diploma in Computer Science. He is RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Redhat Certified Virtualization Administration (RHCVA).  He has around 9 years of experience as Linux System Administrator.  Prior to joining Infinity Consulting UK Ltd, he has significant experience to work for IBM India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad and Virinchi Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad. He also possesses experience to work in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney).  He received IT Director award from client in IBM. Also received performance  Hall of fame award twice in IBM. His knowledge and skills includes but not limited to the following:


  • Build & configuring SUSE, RedHat Linux Servers & ESX servers.
  • Handled service tickets on Servers, patching, security health checks, performance.
  • Hands on experience in server Virutalization (Vmware & KVM).
  • Automated sys admin activities using Shell, Perl scripting & Automation tools.
  • Knowledge on OpenStack cloud.

project-managerProduct Manager

Mr. A Sezhiyan

Mr. A Sezhiyan is an experienced Product manager and Technology developer. He completed his education in Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and communication) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Embedded Systems Design (DESD). He is System software professional with 9+ years of experience in embedded systems design and development. Prior to joining Infinity Consulting UK Ltd, he has an experience to work for Cisco Systems India Private Limited and Midas Communications Technologies Private Limited, Chennai, India. His knowledge and skills includes but not limited to the following:


  • Good exposure in End-to-End product development
  • Strong experience in developing Networking products – Chip selection, SDK integration, System and Software Design
  • Expertise in reviewing Board-level Hardware schematics and debugging Hardware issues
  • Expertise in developing Diagnostics software for hardware validation
  • Experience in writing boot-loader code and debugging boot time issues using JTAG debugger
  • Proficient in working with Ethernet PHY, Optical IG SFPs, Copper SFPs, SFP+ (10G)
  • Hands-on experience in Network clock synchronization – DPLL, Physical layer (SyncE), Packet based (PTP)
  • Good knowledge in Networking concepts and end-to-end packet flow

software-dev-engineerSystem Engineer

Mr. T Ammineni

Mr. T Ammineni is an experienced System Engineer. Prior to joining Infinity Consulting UK Ltd, he worked for Broadcom Corporation. He has a qualification of BTech (ECE). He has 5 years of experience in Embedded/Networking industry that includes the complete project life cycle from requirement analysis, design, development, unit testing and support. His knowledge and skills includes but not limited to the following:

  • Good programming skills in Embedded ‘C’ and Data Structures.
  • Good working knowledge in Linux Internals, Kernel Modules, Multi-Threaded programming.
  • Good understanding of Switching, QoS, Routing and security protocols.
  • Extensive experience on Broadcom Network Processors.
  • Experience of working on SMB switches Enterprise, Provider Edge and core Routers.
  • Experience in preparation of functional and design specifications.
  • Ability to quickly identify, investigate and troubleshoot problems at all layers starting from Driver to UI.
  • Ability to work in Management, control and data planes.

embedded-c-consultantEmbedded C Consultant

Mr. R Alagarsamy

Mr. R Alagarsamy is an experienced Embedded C Consultant. He completed his education in Bachelor of Engineering – Electronics and Communication. He got VTS certification for PACE bootloader, OpenTV VTS certification for Multichoice project, SIMPLAY certification for Multichoice project, DAL (PSI-BDC) Negra Certification for PRISA-TV project, RPH Nagra Certification for PRISA-TV project. He has 10 years of hands-on experience in design and development of embedded system applications. Prior to joining Infinity Consulting UK Ltd, he worked for the Organization like NDS/CISCO Services Pay-TV Technology Pvt Ltd., Bangalore, PACE Micro Technology Plc as an employee of TEL., Bangalore and Sure Soft Systems Pvt Ltd., Pondicherry. He received Extra Mile Award for best customer support and successful completion of project, Pace Award for Excellence, Mile Stone Award & Spot Award from NDS, Award for Excellent Team Player from NDS/CISCO. His knowledge and skills includes but not limited to the following:

    • Good experience in DVB-S, DVB-T, MHP application, IP and PVR related embedded application software development and boot loader and device driver development.
    • Have worked extensively on C, Core JAVA, RTOS (STLite/OS20/OS21, Vxworks & STLinux) & object oriented programming concepts.
    • Good domain knowledge in DVB, MPEG standards and MHP standards. Have good experience working with various source control tools like ClearCase, PVCS, WinCVS and CM SYNERGY.
    • Specific expertise includes Middleware Design(MHA-V1) & MHA-V2 +CDI platform, Database design(SIDB & Data Cache), MPEG2 video(SD and HD) decoding and display process, Core Driver/boot loader Development, FFMPEG for player , WebkitQT4.8 for browser, SecureGateWay communication for VOD download,   Application Design, DLNA based Application (UPNP specification),Code development, Code refactoring, Code review and testing.
    • Have worked extensively in platform integration and delivery of common middleware on different platform as well in feature integration.

big-data-consultantBig Data Consultant

Mr. B Puli

Mr. B Puli is an experienced Consultant in Big Data Technologies. As part of his job career, he worked for TaTa Consulting Services, Patni Computer Systems Limited and Serveen Software Systems Limited. He completed his B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering (E.C.E). He has around 10 years of work experience in different technologies which include Big Data, Hadoop, Hive, C/C++, Linux etc. He is Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop and also Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop. His knowledge and skills includes but not limited to the following:

  • Excellent knowledge and skills on Big Data technologies like Hadoop, Hive, Hbase etc.
  • Proficient knowledge in C,C++, Data Structure Programming, Embedded C on Linux environment, Linux C and C++ development, debugging skills in C and C++ on Linux/Unix environment, RTOS (VxWorks), Inter Process Communication (IPC) and Multi-threading Programming, Linux Socket Programming for TCP, UDP protocols.
  • Efficient debugging skills in C/C++ on Linux/Unix environment with continuous learning.
  • Hands on working experience with Unix Shell Scripting.
  • Hands-on working experience in Low Level Design, Code implementation, Unit testing and bug fixing.
  • Hands-on working experience with IXIA IxNetwork to perform MPLS L3 VPN Scalability testing and development for ATCA hardware with L3 protocols like OSPF, BGP

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